Personal Work 2011
~22k poly real time character
Shaded in Maya with lcSkinShader and lcUberShader


'Hot Stuff'
Personal Work 2010
ZBrush + Maya

'Bad Girl'
Personal Work 2008
ZBrush Sculpt and 3D Print


Real time character for The Gnomon Workshop 2009
ZBrush + Maya

'Turnip Man'
ZBrush + Maya 2008

'Beast Rider'
Personal Work 2007
ZBrush + Maya 2007

'Kull of Atlantis'
Personal Work 2007. A copy of CS Moore's clay sculpture.
ZBrush + Maya 2007

'Sheriff of the Martan Wild West'
TimeSplitters4 (Cancelled)
ZBrush + Maya 2008


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